Comparison of our MYLK CHOCY with other milk chocolates

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In this article I will show you the differences between traditional milk chocolate and our MYLK CHOCY bars. First of all, I would like to briefly explain the term "Mylk". Some vegan chocolate manufacturers use "Mylk" as a substitute for "Milk" for legal reasons, as vegetable milk may not be declared as "milk". For example, vegan cream is often called "Saane".

I have looked at some very successful chocolate products from the mass market and illustrated to you from which ingredients such a chocolate is made. A long time ago I got used to reading the product labels on the back before buying. If you imagine the ingredients figuratively, you know relatively fast whether you want to eat this product or not. Milk chocolates contain 50-60% refined sugar. White sugar is a very cheap filler, which many manufacturers like to use to offer the product cheaply. Once children have become accustomed to this very high sugar content, they usually do not want to eat other chocolates and will probably keep these eating habits for the rest of their lives. Our KIDS LOVE CHOCY MYLK bars contain 40% less sugar and we use dried coconut nectar as a sweetener. This has a lower glycemic index and also contains important nutrients.

The heart of every brown chocolate is the cocoa bean with the cocoa butter it contains. We obtain our cocoa masses (cocoa powder & cocoa butter) from direct trade with cocoa farmers in Central and South America. Our farmers are paid above the Fairtrade standard and the beans come from an organic plantation. The beans are gently roasted and give our Chocy its chocolaty taste.

Comparison milk chocolates and their ingredients
Comparison milk chocolates and their ingredients

An important component of every milk chocolate is, of course, milk. For this purpose, either skimmed milk powder and/or sweet whey powder is added to the cocoa mass. We do not use any highly processed milk in our chocolate and instead use raw cashews and raw coconut to give the chocolate its usual creamy taste. Since we sweeten much less, both fill this gap with their delicious taste. Cashews have a slightly nutty and buttery aroma. Cashews are rich in minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, iron and zinc) and have many B vitamins. In addition, the kernels contain 18g of vegetable proteins per 100g, have many unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and are therefore an important component for our nutritious chocolate. This is an important building block for a healthier, more animal-friendly and more environmentally friendly diet.

With the exception of DARK CHOCY, all our chocolate bars are enriched with delicious coconut cream, which is obtained fresh from the coconut meat. The coconut cream is another source of important macro- and micronutrients for us. The pulp contains a lot of fibre, medium-chain saturated fatty acids and minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, iron and phosphorus.

With coconut blossom nectar, cocoa bean, coconut and cashews, we have already covered the list of ingredients for our CHOCY completely. The other ingredients of a typical milk chocolate I would now like to introduce to you:

The expensive cocoa butter is replaced with up to 5% palm fat or butterfat. Palm fat and palm oil are often under criticism. On the one hand it is criticized that the rain forest is destroyed for the production of palm fat. On the other hand, only recently a warning was issued by the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern (Bavarian consumer association) that the refining of palm oil results in an increased amount of fat pollutants, which are suspected to cause cancer and should therefore be urgently avoided. Pure butterfat is a technically produced, pure fat made from butter. To produce butterfat, proteins, water and other ingredients are extracted from the butter. It is widely used in industry as a cheap extender for cocoa butter and the like.

In order to make chocolate particularly durable, emulsifiers such as soy lecithin are particularly popular in bulk products. If you buy products with soy lecithin, you should make sure that it has an organic label, as soy is often genetically modified and contains many harmful substances.

The KIDS LOVE CHOY project is very close to my heart. We urgently need to rethink our consumer behaviour. Not only for our health, but also for the animals and our earth. In our family, we prefer to consume less, but high-quality products that focus on quality in every respect. You are what you eat!

Do you also pay attention to the back of the products? I am very interested in what you think! I look forward to your comment.

Your Christina


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