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Our products

All our products are 100% vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, soya-free and without refined sugar. All our products contain cashews and some hazelnuts.

Yes, we work exclusively with ingredients of organic origin. All our products are certified with the EU organic logo.

We have replaced all the bad ingredients of traditional chocolate with high quality, healthier natural ingredients. All our products are:

  • Without refined sugar: We sweeten with dried coconut blossom nectar, which only slowly increases your blood sugar level and is equipped with minerals and vitamins.
  • 50% less sugar: Conventional milk chocolates contain about 55% sugar. We have developed a recipe that only uses half the sweetness and still tastes very good.
  • Nutrient-rich: We have replaced the highly processed animal milk powder with superfoods such as raw cashews and coconut. These ingredients provide you with minerals and vitamins and give our chocolate a tender-melting and delicious taste.
  • Our products are free from cheap fillers, palm oil, aromas and other additives.

For our vegan bars we use the best ingredients: all ingredients are organic, the cocoa is fair trade, cashews and coconut are high-priced ingredients. Coconut flower nectar is one of the best and most expensive sweeteners on the market. In addition, we are currently still a start-up and can offer you better prices only when more customers appreciate our products.

We are convinced that you can't resist our chocolate and will eat the chocolate before its shelf life expires. Our chocolate has a shelf life of 10 months and slowly loses its flavour after the specified date.

You should store the chocolate as cool (14-20°C) and dry as possible.

Thank you very much for this question. You will soon be able to buy our bars on Amazon. You can support us by referring our products to your favourite supermarket. Thank you!


Like the EU, we at KIDS LOVE CHOCY focus on recycling. The transparent film is biodegradable and petroleum-free. You can dispose of it in the green bin or in residual waste (thermal recycling). The banderole is made of recycled paper and printed with eco inks.

Our organic cocoa is harvested in the Dominican Republic and is traded directly and fairly by our producer.

Our chocolate bars are handmade in a confectionery in Germany.

We recommend that you use our chocolate as a cake glaze or in muesli. Enjoy your meal!