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THE BRAND – sugarfree chocolate

Hey, I have founded KIDS LOVE CHOCY in 2019 out of the conviction that even sweets like chocolate can and must be made from healthy ingredients.

Children are usually enthusiastic about sweets. When my daughter, who was almost three years old at the time, became increasingly interested in sweets in autumn 2017, I started looking for healthy alternatives to traditional chocolate (sugar-free chocolate). I was worried that a lot of refined sugar would damage her teeth, make her fat and sick, and possibly spoil hunger for nutritious food. And that's not all I was wrong with.

Sweets actually have mostly bad sugar and fat and therefore unhealthy calories. On the other hand, they barely supply us with important nutrients. However, in our opinion, it makes little sense to ban the child's beloved chocolate or sweets in general.

Therefore, I would like to share with you my self-created chocolates that nourish and energize the body of our children without affecting taste and environment. At KIDS LOVE CHOCY we only use a maximum of 6 ingredients that you can find in the garden of Mother Nature - organic, partly raw, vegetable and free of gluten, lactose, refined sugar and artificial additives. We make each piece by hand and do not heat our products above 42 ° C. Thus, our ingredients retain their rich nutrients and the little ones enjoy the delicately melting mylk-chocolate without regret.

If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Your founder of KIDS LOVE CHOCY, Christina