Our Philosophy – The Good Chocolate

Rethink Chocolate


We are KIDS LOVE CHOCY - a startup company from Munich. Children love chocolate. That's why we've rethought chocolate and developed a healthy and fair alternative for you. The good mylk-chocolate for health and the environment!

Think outside the box
Vision Sonnenbrille


The future belongs to our children. Today, we want to shape the future by offering holistic products. Healthy, fair and sustainable for people and nature.


We only use a maximum of six ingredients that you can find in the garden of Mother Nature - organic, raw, vegetable and gluten free, without refined sugar and artificial additives. We make each piece by hand and do not heat our products above 42 ° C. Thus, our ingredients retain their rich nutrients and the little ones enjoy the delicately melting healthy chocolate without regret.

Gesundheit Pralinen

Environmentally Friendly & Direct Trade

Our products are compost- or recyclable and designed with as little packaging as possible. All ingredients come from controlled organic farming and direct trade. Thus, we pay our cocoa-farmers directly and above the FAIRTRADE standard. Our organic farmers do not use chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides to create a healthy environment in their region and for our KIDS LOVE CHOCY chocolate bars.