Sustainability in all its Facets

Positive Society

The future belongs to our children!

We not only want to offer you healthy products, but also to make the future positive for our children. A holistically sustainable view of our products and the environment is high on the agenda of KIDS LOVE CHOCY.


100% Organic Ingredients

Our ingredients are 100% organically grown. Organic products are more than a morally acceptable indulgence. They are above all an expression of respect for one's own body - food for body and soul! Organically grown products have a higher content of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Organic foods contain less pesticide, environmental toxins, drug residues, heavy metals or nitrate.


100% Vegetable Ingredients

No milk, no cream, no honey and no animal remains in our chocolate! And yet enjoyment, passion for chocolate and fun!

Why should we consume more vegan products?

  • Because we love animals
  • Because health of our kids is important
  • Because our environment is important

100% Recyclable Packaging

Already in the manual production of our chocolate we save resources. We seal the chocolate in 100% recyclable foils. The wrapped chocolate bar is encased in a banderole of 100% recyclable paper.


100% For our Society

At KIDS LOVE CHOCY, we believe that a company should serve society. Our focus is on healthy and ecological products that are produced fairly (direct trade) and do good for our health! KIDS LOVE CHOCY pays the farmers above the "Fairtrade Chocolate" level. We are currently working on a concept to make our Chocy accessible to children from low household incomes. For details, we will introduce you shortly. WE LOVE KIDS.


KIDS LOVE CHOCY always wants to optimize the products and processes. Do you have any ideas about what we can do even better? Then we look forward to hearing from you.